Have you ever wondered who is behind this site, spending entire days creating content which is 100% fashion?

Alexandre Diard

Alexandre Diard, Communication / marketing

Business-oriented and open-minded, his various experiences abroad have allowed him to develop a high degree of adaptability which he puts in to practice in his research of investors and partnerships. With the help of Jerome, he finds project leaders and validates projects before posting them on

This keen swimmer tests all the pools in Paris.

One last word? If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Valentin Berthomé

Valentin Berthomé, Web Developer

With a degree in software engineering, Valentin joined I AM LA MODE’s team as Technical Director. Valentin is passionate about travel. A globetrotter who also works as a freelance web developer.

You guessed it! Site management relies on him.

His motto: KISS : Keep It Simple, Stupid : everyday of his life, he faces up to all situations!