What is I AM LA MODE?

I AM LA MODE is a crowdfunding platform specialized in fashion. It aims at helping those with a project related to the world of fashion to find the necessary funds in order to achieve their projects.

In those times of financial crisis, companies suffer and thousands of brilliant business ideas go up in smoke. I AM LA MODE wants to help project holders, focusing on the fashion world. The idea is simple: helping entrepreneurs to develop their projects by encouraging internet users to support them in exchange for presents, varying in relation to the amount donated.

What does a campaign leader do?

A campaign leader is a person who wants to develop a project. The idea has to be original and creative. Indeed, anyone who is involved in fashion can launch a campaign: bloggers, photographers, illustrators, fashion designers, writers, painters...

What does the campaign involve?

Before starting a campaign, it is important to define the objectives you want to convey to the public. This will help to form a relationship between you (the campaign leader) and the contributors during the determined time period (a maximum of 2 months).

The campaign is composed of 4 parts: video, profile, project, compensations.

Launching a campaign

What should the video contain?

The video and visual elements are essential to the understanding and readability of your campaign. The video must not exceed one minute, so that your message directly reaches potential contributors. Your video must also be an original creation which represents your personality, profile and project.

What is the campaign profile?

The profile will be uploaded into the I AM LA MODE webpage. By writing a short paragraph (around ten lines), you will create a bond with the public.

A detailed guide will be provided to you to help you to write your profile.

What does the project involve?

The project can be defined as mind’s work which needs to be financed. Your profile must include visuals, as well as your personal profile describing what inspires you. You must also include a clear and precise explanation of your objectives in order to answer the public’s question, “how will fund-raising help you?”

Examples of projects:

What are compensations?

They can be items, event invitations or services. In short – presents that you will offer to contributors in relation to the amount donated.

Who are the contributors?

They are people who will donate funds to your campaign in exchange for compensations.

Guidance throughout your campaign.

I AM LA MODE team will become your coach and follow your campaign. We will provide you with a free e-book which will define a strategic communication plan for you to follow, in order to optimise your campaign.

Launching a campaign