BPI France

BPI is a Public Group of finance and investment for enterprises. It is responsible for supporting small and medium enterprises, companies of intermediate size and innovation.

Through its unique search engine, BPI lists all crowdfunding platforms projects who are partners. This search engine is designed to support the emergence in France of crowdfunding. For this, it highlights its various operators and their proposed projects.

To become partners with BPI-France, operators of French crowdfunding are selected according to specifications.


This historic school is known for its specialised learning methods in fashion. Founded in 1841, ESMOD opened internationally and became ESMOD International. To date, the ESMOD group has a network of 16 countries in which it is located.

Sophie Mhabille

Sophie Mhabille is passionate about fashion and photography, on her blog “streetstyle,” she publishes photos as well as her own looks. Armed with her camera and her refined style skills, she travels to Capitals such as Paris, New York, Milan, Tokyo, London… on the hunt for originals and avant-garde clothes. Her blog is a real source of inspiration.

This influential blogger offers support to her favorite projects from the I Am La Mode website with visibility, via a photo shoot, which will be used to promote the project on her blog ( and on her social networks. This a huge opportunity for project leaders, who will benefit from visibility and an increase in fame.

Labo Ethnik

The Labo Ethnik exhibition was created in 2007 by Yvette Taï-Coquillay, who wanted to track down fashion designers from the five continents, in order to promote them on the Parisian scene. The exhibition is open to an audience composed of professionals (buyers and journalists) and individuals looking for pieces of exception. Furthermore, in 2014, the Labo Ethnik Fashion Style openedits universe to interior designers, giving them rare and unique visibility.

Every three months, the Labo Ethnik exhibition selects a project leader, during its financing campaign, in order to assure them higher visibility on its social networks, on its site and in finally a free space during one of its events, on an individual stand or on a stand shared with other fashion designers from IAmLaMode.

Which Clothes today

Which Clothes Today is a fashion blog run by one of the top fashion bloggers of the moment. She poses with her most loved clothes in France and abroad, whenever she can. Also expect to see some amazing pics, pretty soon, from the Coachella music festival in the US.

Manon will support her favourite projects from our website through a photo shoot which will be posted on her blog and social networks, in order to promote the camapign and increase visibility. With over 100,000 visitors on her blog each month, 5,000 people on Facebook, 2,800 Twitter followers and almost as much on Pinterest, this will significantly boost the selected projects.

Paris College of Art

When it was founded in 1986, the school was a French association called « Parsons School in Paris. » It wasn’t until 2010 that the school became an independent institution. It is an American Art and Design University which is located in the heart of the French Capital, welcoming students from all around the world. Classes are one hundred percent in English, and so it delivers American Graduates.

MOD’ART Alumni

This association is dedicated to alumni of Mod’Art International as well as to professionals in fashion, beauty and luxury, seeking to recruit students straight out of school. It is also a platform for communication between alumni and professionals, whose goal is to help develop their network of contacts.

Universidad Jannette Klein

This Mexican university, dedicated to fashion, opened in 1985. With the hard work of its founders and technological equipment, the campus is constantly improving the knowledge and skills of students in the field of fashion, design, marketing, photography and advertising…

Select Your Lifestyle

Select Your Lifestyle is world’s first website dedicated to the finest services and products available and tailored to you.

L’Anti Café

A typical Parisian café. Specially designed as a place to meet friends, colleagues or future investors … This café is loved by all for its friendly atmosphere, its WiFi and access to work spaces. The idea is to pay a sit-in fee and have access to unlimited coffee, tea, snacks…

A true concept where all talents come together in a dynamic community.