By Anne Frydman

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Pack 1: Thank you, you will receive my appreciation on facebook

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Pack 2: Thank you! you will participate in the creation of a jewel for the new collection 2014

30 €

Pack 3: YES, thank you, you will receive a jewel worth 45 euros offer or one lesson creation of our jewelry in our workshop two hours’ worth 40 euros

50 €

Pack 4: Thank you, you will get one teaching course, of 4hours, and you will get you own creation

100 €

Pack 5: Thank you, you will get a jewel or ornament worth 120 euros offer or a placement creating our jewelry a full day: 120 euros value

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Pack 6: Thank you! Create your own jewelry, which will be include in our next collection summer 2014 and will be yours.

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Pack 7: Thank you very much! you will create a jewel on one measure and custom offer to a value of 120 euros, a lesson of creating our jewelry 2 hours: 40 euros value.

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Pack 8: Thank you so much, you wiil create an unique bespoke jewelry, custom offer a value of 250 euros.

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Pack 9: Thank you, you are amazing! You will get an intensive two-day jewelry designs in our workshop: 250 euros value and participation in our next catalog shoot for 2014.

anne As far as I can remember, 4 or 5 years ago, I already adored to draw, I loved pretty things, fashion, to decorate the house, to add my personal touch so to say. Since I was the actress of my imaginary and creative world, I would never get bored and up till now my feelings haven't changed...

Graduated in fashion design from ESMOD Paris school in 1996 after specializing in lingerie, I started in this environment which will strongly mark me, bringing this taste for detail, refinement, finishing, this attraction for beautiful materials and which would influenced my future designs with sensuality.

From there I fully invested myself in ready-to-wear for a young and shifted brand, where I developed a taste for contrasts, rock style and collections with strong identities. Attracted by creation, I decided to take a turn towards accessories and in this environment I discovered a passion for jewelry, accessories and leather in particular.

In order to deepen my experience I became a jewelry designer for a luxury brand in Paris, I learned the technique and the craft of novelty jewelry and the creation of jewelry collection as well.

Today, as the jewelry and accessory designer of my own brand "Haute fantaisie", URBANSKIN*, I was able to use my experiences and influences to develop my collections. I work with refined materials such as leather, lace, silver 925, gold-plated, Swarovski crystals and pearls. I combine or oppose them. ghubar janvier 2010 (3) Every designs are originals, drawn and cut by myself with neat finishes to bring elegance and femininity in a ROCK'N CHIC style.

Certified "Made in France" and homemade creation which are only created in limited and short runs, each piece is meticulously manufactured by hand in my workshop in Paris.

I also propose tailor-made and personalized ornaments for weddings and special events. And for about a year, I teach high-end jewelry crafting, and my students are delighted to enter into my creative universe.

Independent by nature, attached to my liberty of expression, I work abandoning trends, following my feeling in regard of this era and my own inspiration. I think about women who like me are multiple, different every day... For me, a woman can be as she pleases, fatal, mischievous or rebel and my creations reflect these feminine essence.

My creative world is feminine, glamour, sometimes baroque or rock, a Couture spirit in a slightly retro style. My inspirations are many, first in my teenage years I was influence by my idol Marylin Monroe and other stars from the 40/50s, I was influence by the Hollywoodien Glamour.

Also inspired by the spirit “Music-Hall” and cheerleading magazines from 20/30s like Joséphine Baker or Minstinguett, their costumes and attitudes.

Very sensitive to the new art, jewelry and object of René Lalique’s art, Gustave Klimt’s painting, I was influence also by the Pop Art.

Passionate about traveling and discovery about other population, I immerse myself by Indian, Balinese, Moroccan and Caribbean’s culture. Providing an ethnic touch of my creations. collier lune A book represents this influence, “Femmes du monde” by Titouan Lamazo, a book of traveling. URBANSKIN is my brand, it was natural, the material that I mainly use is the skin, I associate with chains in a modern, urban style.

The web site of URBANSKIN: http://www.urbanskin.book.fr/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/URBANSKIN/112240460598

My dream is to live my passion. My passion is creating some jewelry and accessories. Sometimes I think I am in a little workshop where I can exhibit my work, and I can teach in the same place. (I do it actually but at home) 10 years from now

I would like attain this objective, and why not create a line of clothes with jewelry and accessories. My jewelry are chic, timeless with a strong identity.bo lune They are the fruits of research forms, exclusive patterns, a work on the flexible and sensual material called leather and associations with 925 silver, metal and now gold-plated. I use other materials and elements like; lace, Swarowski, glass pearls, agate stone, aventurin… as I wish. sautoir pastille The forms are atypical, some patterns are cut out manually with a scalpel, and others expand due to a pearl embedded between two elements of leather and mingle together by rings. To each new collection I bring a new idea around leather.

There is a multitude of colors following a precise range of leather.

The URBANSKIN’s jewelry are sold on this web site: www.alittlemarket.com/boutique/urbanskin
ROTIN'S HOME at: 10 rue des Pyramides 75001 Paris
And since here: LES MEGERES, 16 Rue de Cotte 75012 Paris
Here: CREATION CALEBASSE, Riviera 3 Cocody ABIDJAN (Ivory Coast)

And soon I hope others shops will sell them...

I wish to collect 1000 euros in two months.

This amount will be used to create a new jewelry and accessory’s collection for summer 2014. For the purchase of materials: leather, chains and findings silver plated metal and gold, Swarovski, beads for making a couple of pieces.

  • If I reach 750 euros, I will develop a larger collection and will invest in the communication around the brand and my jewelry creation lessons.
  • If I get 1000 euros, I will Finance a new catalog of Collection 2014 with photographer, graphic designer, model, clothes etc...
  • If I get 3000 euros, I will use this sum to a new site with my own online store





For €10: pack 1

  • 20 euros are reduced on the purchase of a jewel Urbanskin

For €20: pack 2

  • You will participate in the creation of a jewel for the new collection 2014

For €30: pack 3

  • A jewel worth 45 euros offer or one lesson creation of our jewelry in our workshop two hours (value: €40)

For €100: pack 4

  • A jewel or ornament (worth €120) or a placement creating our jewelry a full day (value: €120)

For €120: pack 5

  • Create your own jewelry, which will be include in our next collection summer 2014 and will be yours

For €150: pack 6

  • A jewel on one measure and custom (value: €120)
  • A lesson of creating our jewelry 2 hours (value: €40)

For €200: pack 7

  • A unique bespoke jewelry, custom (value: €250)

For €300: pack 8

  • An intensive two-day jewelry designs in our workshop (value: €250)
  • Participation in our next catalog shoot for 2014


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